About Us


The learning , Explore and Experience (Le2) is an education Hub , to provide philosophical and practical knowledge for any individual who is seeking a career/job, a startup opportunity , or career change in the 21st century socio-economic data driven AI world , according to his Culture, lifestyle and Environment


Our aim is to prepare individuals with a holistic all round personal and professional myriad of necessary and required knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that everyone is enlightened and ever ready to take on the challenges faced by mankind in the 21st century


The Learning Explore and Experience believes in the following

1. Ensure that every individual is well equipped philosophically and practically to face the challenges in the 21st century

2. Ensure that every individual is well equipped and connected to find his choice of coaches, guides and mentors according to his career and life choices

3. Ensure that every individual has access to life long learning opportunities, knowledge and wisdom for every incoming challenge

4. Ensure that every individual finds proper resources to aid him in pursuance of his Life’s Purpose and Goals

5. Ensure that a learning, research , seeker and curiosity driven culture evolves with the help of Enlightment 2.0


The story of Le2 started back in 2013 when one of the founders of Republic of Sapien was working on a collaborative Design Assignment in the education Sector .

After Successful completion of the assignment, a concept for a neo education approach was developed Immediately

This initial Seed developed into a fully fledged executable program with the founders getting practical insights and experiences by attending various seminars ,workshops and events in various colleges as Speakers, Coaches, and Program Managers.

Some of the core insights found during this period are as follows

1. The ancient teaching methods and Research techniques that led to the growth of various glorious civilization was completely missing from the current education System

2. The Current education approach is directed towards jobs only in the education system’s teaching structure

3. The Courses and its corresponding syllabus are never in sync with the job and business market needs

4. Most education courses are only theory based and not much attention is given to Practical and experience since then Learning, explore and experience was developed keeping in mind the above factors and fully developed into an alternative education system


We are a team of highly educated, industry experienced guides and coaches, who are further advised by Industry and Academia Stalwarts. So anyone who is interested to be free, independent, secure and ready for emerging Jobs-Career and Business in the 21st century should definitely learn with us.

Working Philosophy of Learning Explore and Experience

1. Time and Money Value :: Le2 is a straight forward job oriented and industry updated education program . For every 1 hour of Investment here will lead to 10 times increase in time value of your Skill and save 10 times your valuable money

2. 21st century Game :: Le2 is well versed with the job-business challenges and Issues of the Digital Augmented Age and it continuously updates itself with new incoming ideas and technologies

3. Direction of Others :: Most of the educational programs who are trying to solve the same problems as Le2 , are either clinging on to the old world education system or simply offering popular courses whereas Le2 if focused on the complete philosophical, practical and skill development of the individual

4. Happening right now :: The world at the current time is embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution , So it is advisable for everyone to embrace this digital-augmented-AI related skill and knowledge immediately and Le2 helps its students to do the same .

5. The Future Ahead :: The future of business and services lies in understanding the skills and knowledge of the digital-Augmented-AI age. The ones who would take the leap, will own the future ahead.